Navigation autonome avec Nao/Pepper (Anglais)

auton4Travail universitaire (En anglais) avec le code source python pour faire naviguer nao.

We introduce a navigation system for the humanoid robot NAO that seeks to find a ball, navigate to it, and kick it. The proposed method uses data acquired using the 2 cameras mounted on the robot to estimate the position of the ball with respect to the robot and then to navigate towards it. Our method is also capable of searching for the ball if is not within the robots immediate range of view or if at some point, NAO loses track of it. Variations of this method are currently used by different universities around the world in the international robotic soccer competition called Robocup. This project was completed within EC720 graduate course entitled “Digital Video Processing” at Boston University in the fall of 2015.

Lien vers le travail universitaire sous format WORD

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